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The Day I Learnt to Love Myself

[ Regarding this picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BUsSc8zBxR7/?taken-by=92matchahairedjun ]

Well, I don't usually open up my heart but when I do, I really do it.

I've never posted a picture like this before, basically because I don't feel any need, everyone runs their own IG account as they want. So, you might be wondering the reason behind.
I usually say that one of the things that made me fall in love with Berlin is the open-minded society that lives here, I felt instantly accepted from the very first time I came. I write this down because I've realized how strong is this reality; I've learnt more about empowerment, cis-gender and equality human movements/organizations within a couple of weeks than in my whole life, thanks to a great classmate that came to me asking whether we could make an assignment together. In this process, we discovered how much we actually have in common, and I had to be honest with her: I feel ignorant about some of these topics, because mo…

Naturkundemuseum Berlin