New Winds Are Yet To Come

Hi there everyone!

Wow, it's been such a long time since I opened this small box, didn't I?

I've been mulling it over for months and there's this feeling of change hovering in the air (in my mind actually haha), it keeps saying "Aaahhh do something, this is likely to be the right moment". You guys know when something's been exactly the same for too long that it ends up being stuck at some point and it's time to make a choice, even if you don't know where it leads to.

I've never had in mind closing this place, I feel comfy here but what started as a photo-blog (if you want to name it like that) has been asking me for something else lately.
Maybe that was the reason why I've abandoned it for long periods of time. Also because I've been too busy and pushed to be focused on other important things. I might should have taken this more serious (or not and that's actually the real point). I sound regretful but I'm not, I never had the intention to give a single explanation about my private life and occupations, and as I could find out, people don't really care about it so.

But! (Ahh this mind of mine never sticking to the point directly) I've the feeling of something else coming and I thought it might be interesting: I should turn this site into a normal blog.
Of course I'll keep uploading my photos but I'd also like to share other stuff as a reflect of myself: for those who don't know, I'm this multitask-type of person.
I still need to organise things properly (mainly to not let this abandoned again hahaha). But I've way more time than these past years and more experiences that claimed to be shared, some of them might be helpful, I want to guess.

By the way, I'm impressed about the variety of countries visiting this small cozy box; to all of you THANK YOU! And of course I'm planning this change thinking about you all, do you want to come with me through this new adventure?

I don't know how long will it take to make it real (don't expect for a couple of weeks, we may be talking about months), but I wanted to let you know. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and (once again) visiting! I'm very excited!
And please don't hesitate, leave your comment with your thoughts/opinions; this is about me but also about you all so they'll be gratefully welcomed ;)